Timely insights on markets and macroeconomics around the world
  1. The strong inflation report combined with employment data will likely prompt the U.S. Federal Reserve to begin hiking its policy rate in March.
  2. U.S. yields surged to begin 2022 as financial markets gird for central banks to begin tightening monetary policy.
  3. Liquidity tiering may provide an attractive alternative as SEC proposals curtail capabilities of money market funds
  4. A long-term focus and a rigorous approach to portfolio construction may help investors navigate uncertainty as the mid-cycle expansion advances.
  5. The Federal Reserve pulls forward rate hike expectations and doubles the pace of tapering in an effort to provide more flexibility to react in 2022.
  6. The risks of continued elevated inflation likely have the U.S. Federal Reserve considering material changes to its policy path.
  7. Uncertainties that caused U.S. Treasuries to rally and yield curves to undulate in November may persist and could contribute to volatility into...
  8. Disruptive trends and fatter tail risks highlight the importance of selection within asset classes and regions.
  9. With major central banks likely to exercise patience in the face of price pressures, inflation-linked assets may be attractive allocations.
  10. The recent surge in oil and natural gas prices highlights the interconnected nature of energy markets, as well as the complexities of transitioning...