Timely insights on markets and macroeconomics around the world
  1. We do not expect widespread contagion across China’s real estate or banking sectors despite the challenging outlook.
  2. Elevated risks to inflation expectations appear to have prompted Federal Reserve officials to revise their policy rate hike projections higher.
  3. While Congress makes progress on infrastructure legislation, the specter of another debt-ceiling showdown gives investors cause for concern.
  4. PIMCO’s base case forecast includes a modest rise in U.S. Treasury yields, amid likely volatility and risks to the outlook.
  5. We see benefits to creating a short-term facility, even if the benefits come later.
  6. The U.S. Fed stopped short of providing “advance notice,” but a December tapering announcement remains likely.
  7. Investors should consider how well their portfolios are prepared for the net zero transition – because, in our view, it’s becoming a matter of when,...
  8. The European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled a newly reformulated, more ambitious inflation target. Without new mechanisms to achieve it, however, we...
  9. A bipartisan deal on infrastructure spending would likely be followed by a separate partisan deal funded by tax increases.
  10. The supply-demand imbalance should ease as spending on services outpaces demand for consumer goods in developed markets.