Timely insights on markets and macroeconomics around the world
  1. The COVID shock has amplified disruptive trends, but we see global investment opportunities in the volatility ahead.
  2. Policy will continue to be carefully calibrated as China walks a tightrope between supporting growth and maintaining financial stability.
  3. A basket of emerging market bonds may offer the same appeal investors have long sought from U.S. Treasuries.
  4. Launched in September 2020, the CFO Principles for Integrated SDG Investments and Finance are designed to help create a market for corporate SDG...
  5. We believe the Fed’s mortgage purchase program is helping to bolster economic activity, and accomplishing more than Treasury purchases alone.
  6. Strong money growth in Europe has raised concerns about inflation taking off. We have a different view.
  7. The lack of market reaction suggests that many investors are not convinced that the Fed’s new guidance represents any material shift in policy.
  8. Resiliency and diversification potential remain critical in a world with meaningful uncertainty ahead.
  9. Fed officials seek higher inflation but need help from fiscal policymakers.
  10. Despite reaching record highs earlier this month, gold remains attractively valued, according to our framework.