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Skyline Montgomerylaan Delft
Skyline Montgomerylaan Delft

Sustainable solutions to the unemployment problem with sustainable growth. Solution to the youth unemployment problem, no lost generation. Less crime. More people meaningful at work.

Recently finished research on the traditional Solow growth model shows that the implementation of capital and labor augmented progress has been wrong implemented and interpreted. This research is of importance to banks, Central banks and other institutes that use growth models or DSGE models. For an abstract and conclusions see the Research papers page. This research has also serious consequences for endogenous growth models and it offers new insight how to handle this phenomena.

In particular this investigation shows the need for renewed attention for and improvement of economic theory.


Travaillez, prenez de la peine : C'est le fonds qui manque le moins, but it should be made possible by sound macro economic guidance.



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